new band

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what’s been keeping me busy~


april 12th

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a little late night foolery. made using only my rhodes, timefactor, an sm57, a spring and a battery. there was very little done inside of reaper other then some very slight mixing (done poorly through headphones) and one track that was shifted down an octave.

i’ve been playing drums so much recently that i haven’t had any time to mess around on my own. i’ve recently bought some new toys so that’ll hopefully change soon!


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for the few of you that read this, i should clarify, i’ve given up on this. it was forcing me to rush out ideas and not making anything positive as far as i can tell. i’ll still post things here from time to time, but the whole everyday thing really doesn’t work with my workflow. maybe next year!

March 19th

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I’m missing today, I suck, I haven’t been in my house in 24 hours. I’ll throw something together later when I get out of work and pretend this little bluster didn’t happen.

march 18th

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boom, pt.2.


march 17th

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march 16th

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manually scrolling through yesterdays audio. cool little feature, though not sure how useful it’ll ever be.